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AHA Training Center Equipment Rental

Rental Policy
It is the policy of SR-AHEC AHA Training Center to rent BLS manikins, AED Trainers, and any other equipment used for AHA courses to registered members in good standing (dues are paid and current instructor status is maintained) of the SR-AHEC Training Center. ACLS equipment is not available for rental.

Available Items
Adult torso, child and infant manikins.

AED Trainers:
• Two (2) Practi-Trainer Universal AED Trainers
• Two (2) Heartstart AED Trainers
• One (1) Lifepak 500T AED Trainer

Additional Equipment/Supplies:
• Bag Valve Masks (Adult/Child & Infant)
• Pocket Face Masks (not disposable)
• Face Shields (disposable)
• One-Way Valves (disposable)
• Tool Kits for all BLS courses
• Epi-Pens
• Stop Watches

Rental Procedure
1. Reserve equipment by calling 910-678-7286. Reservations should be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Rental availability is on a first come, first servedbasis. Equipment is available for pick up Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. Equipment may be rented for weekend use, but may not be rented for more than three (3) days in a row without special permission from the Training Center Coordinator.

2. Instructor member will pick up equipment and return them to the Training Center Office or designated representative at SR-AHEC.

3. Instructor member shall complete an equipment rental form.

Manikin rental fee is $10.00 per manikin per day (24 hours) of rental. Weekend rate includes Friday afternoon pickup and return by 8:30 am the following Monday morning for $20.00 per manikin. A late fee of $10.00 per manikin per day will be accrued beginning two hours past the identified return time.

AED Trainer rate is $10.00 per day. Same rates of weekend rental apply. (see manikin weekend rate)

Bag-Valve Mask (BVM) rate is $2.00 per BVM rented per day. Same rates of weekend rental apply. (see manikin weekend rate)

Video trainer/tool kit is $5.00 per day per tool kit.

Additional supply rental fees are listed on the equipment rental form.

4. Decontamination of manikins will be performed by Instructor member according to SR-AHEC policies and procedures, accompanying each manikin rented, prior to return. Instructor members must attend SR-AHEC manikin decontamination in service training prior to initial manikin rental period. Instructor members who fail to comply with decontamination procedure will no longer be permitted to rent manikins from SR-AHEC. Instructor members will sign in equipment with the Trainig Center Coordinator or designee when returning attesting to having performed manikin decontamination.

5. Equipment shall be returned to SR-AHEC in proper working order. Any problems with equipment should be reported immediately to the Trainig Center Coordinator. Instructor members shall be charged for repairs to rental equipment above normal wear. Instructor members who consistently damage this equipment and fail to make restitution will no longer be eligible to rent the equipment from the SR-AHEC. The Instructor member will be fully liable for the full replacement cost of the equipment for loss or destruction regardless of cause.

Manikin Decontamination
It is the policy of SR-AHEC Training Center that all manikins used in BLS courses will be decontaminated immediately upon completion of each course according to guidelines established by the AHA. Proper manikin decontamination is imperative to prevent the spread of bacterial, fungal and viral diseases.

1. Disassemble manikin as directed by the manufacturer instructions. Inspect for cracks, and tears in plastic surfaces. If any are found, notify Training Center Coordinator when manikin is returned
2. Thoroughly scrub all surfaces with a brush and warm antibacterial soapy water
3. Rinse all surfaces with fresh water
4. Clean all surfaces with ¼ liquid cup of household bleach per gallon of water for ten (10) minutes. This solution should be made fresh at each class and discarded after each use
5. Rinse with fresh water and air day
6. Do not allow water to enter the internal parts of the manikin. Body parts should be wiped over with a cloth moistened in a mild detergent and then wiped over with a cloth moistened in clean water. Marks left by lipstick or ballpoint pen should be removed as quickly as possible using alcohol


Andrea Novak, Ph.D., RN-BC, FAEN
Coordinator, AHA Training Center

Heather Stewart
Training Center Specialist