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AHA Training Center Frequently Asked Questions

Program Administration Manual (PROAM)

Q: How do I become an Instructor?
A: Register for the Instructor Course. Upon successful completion of the course, the instructor candidate must either teach or assist in one course that is monitored by a faculty instructor.

Q: How do I become a member of the Southern Regional AHEC AHA Training Center?
A: Complete an application to join the Training Center; or
Current instructors affiliated with another Training Center may complete a Transfer Request form.

Q: Who can provide monitoring?
A: Monitoring can only be provided by Faculty Instructors; or
An instructor with prior approval from the Training Center Coordinator, Andrea Novak

Q: When can I start teaching?
A: New instructors may begin teaching once their initial monitoring as been done and an instructor card issued; or Transfer Instructors may begin teaching once the Training Center has received all required documents.

Q: How many participants can I teach in a single course?
A: SR-AHEC Training Center's policy is that a single instructor may teach no more than nine participants. If you plan to teach more than nine, you must have an assisting instructor.

Q: How do I submit my rosters?
A: Rosters may be submitted via e-mail, postal mail, fax, or hand delivered.

Q: How do I get cards?
A: Once a roster is received cards are typed; cards may be mailed if requested or picked up in person by the instructor.

Q: What if I need equipment?
A: SR-AHEC has equipment for rent to instructors who are members of the Training Center.

Andrea Novak, Ph.D., RN-BC, FAEN
Coordinator, AHA Training Center

Heather Stewart
Training Center Specialist