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AHA Training Center Membership Information

Instructor Renewal Criteria
All requirements must be met to maintain current Instructor status with the SR-AHEC AHA Training Center.
• Teach four provider courses within two years
• Current monitoring on file with the AHA Training Center
A formal monitoring must be done on the AHA Training Center instructor member during a provider course:
-Monitoring must be done once within two years
-AHA Training Center instructor member must be monitored by a AHA Training Center Faculty Instructor
• Successful completion of Healthcare Provider Exam with a score of 90% or better
• Current on AHA Training Center membership dues

• Keeping track of his/her renewal date
• Arranging to be monitored by a SR-AHEC Faculty Instructor
• Paying the annual TC Membership fee
• Providing documentation of courses taught

AHA Training Center
• Provide a list of current Regional Faculty Instructors
• Provide information on available opportunities for monitoring
• Provide Membership Renewal notices

AHA Training Center Faculty
• Monitor AHA Training Center instructor members

Andrea Novak, Ph.D., RN-BC, FAEN
Coordinator, AHA Training Center

Heather Stewart
Training Center Specialist