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AHA Training Center Online Training & Skills Testing

The American Heart Association (AHA) offers several web-based eLearning courses delivered in one, two or three parts. Courses containing psychomotor skills such as CPR, require students to complete an in-person "skills session" in addition to online learning. A skill session is comprised of Part 2, skills practice, and Part 3, skills testing. For successful course completion, AHA requires that eLearning courses with psychomotor skills include:

  • Part 1: online lessons - anytime and anywhere with computer access
  • Part 2: hands-on skills practice - with an AHA Instructor
  • Part 3: hands-on skills testing - with an AHA Instructor
To complete an AHA online provider course:
      1. Complete the OnlineAHA website registration. www.onlineaha.org
      2. Once registered, students go to their personalized "My Courses" page
      3. On the My Course page students can:
        • purchase a course key
        • activate a key
        • start a course
        • apply for applicable continuing education (CE) credit
        • print course Certificates of Completion
Available courses through OnlineAHA are:
  • BLS for Healthcare Providers Online Part 1  $22
  • Heartcode ACLS Part 1  $120
  • Heartcode PALS Part 1   $120
  • Heartsaver First Aid Online Part 1   $28
  • Heartsaver CPR AED Online Part 1   $23
  • Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Online Part 1   $39.95
  • Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED Online Part 1   $29.99

About Skills Sessions, Parts 2 & 3

A skill session is the hands-on portion of an AHA eLearning course and includes Parts 2 and 3 - skills practice and testing. It is conducted in-person after a student completes Part 1 online. Depending on the course, skills sessions are conducted by AHA BLS, ACLS or PALS Instructors. SR-AHEC Training Center offers skills testing for the following disciplines:

  • BLS for Healthcare Provider   $50
  • Heartsaver (First Aid, CPR AED, Pediatric First Aid CPR AED)   $50
  • ACLS   $100
  • PALS / PEARS   $125
To schedule a skills testing session please contact

Andrea Novak, Ph.D., RN-BC, FAEN
Coordinator, AHA Training Center

Heather Stewart
Training Center Specialist